Jhaiho is an an all-purpose scheduling app - to drastically improve your productivity and time management. However, you can also use it in sync with your regular calendar app - complementing it with the innovative features that Jhaiho provides. Here are some ways that Jhaiho improves your workflow:

  1. Jhaiho takes care of creating and receiving appointments - so you can focus on other parts of your business!

  2. Clients can automatically see your time slots that aren’t reserved, and can book an appointment with a single touch!

  3. You can set work hours and appointment duration that your clients can see directly on the app. 

  4. Jhaiho’s clean and straightforward interface provides you with a wide range of intelligent features. It is safe, flexible, easy to use, and available 24/7.It also allows you to set reminders, comment on appointments, and enables you to find the best time for a consultation.

  5. Even if your clients aren’t on the app, their appointment schedule and reminders are sent automatically through text!